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Health & Happiness

A whacky and fun loving host cooks up some deliciously healthy yet mouth watering meals on his terrace kitchen, under the open sky, surrounded by the goodness of nature. JD is a chef and also the proud owner of a healthy food company. In every episode he whips up three dishes, based on a theme, all the while giving viewers a happy doze of his endless, and endlessly entertaining ‘gyaan’. Join Jaideep on a fun ride through his kitchen, his healthy food and his nutty life philosophy!


Laura Plumb, the Vedic Healer from San Diego takes the viewers through seasonal cleanses. Spread over eight days for every season – Summer, Winter, Monsoon, Autumn and Spring and a Three Day Anytime Cleanse – she demonstrates to the viewer the right foods to eat, the right cleansing practices for the morning and the night, along with Yoga practices – all aligned to a particular season — to enhance the cleansing. Easy to do, effective and very useful – CleanseVeda is a show that helps the body scrub clean from inside, get rid of mental fog, and promote great wellbeing for the practitioner.

Divine Yoga

Divine Yoga is inspired by divine energy forms and ancient stories from Indian Mythology. Through this unique practice we can learn to channel our divinity, and find ways to tackle day to day situations with an enlightened and empowered mind and body. One episode has three segments and each segment entails stories from Hindu lore about the god/goddess, intelligently weaved into the yoga practice of that segment

New Age Yogi with Shreya

A fitness show hosted by new age yogi Shreya Sethi with theme of importance of Yoga in the modern world. The show will revolve around importance of yoga to overcome stress &  anxiety, for developing body strength, for work from home generation, enhance flexibility and meditation.

Bollyfit with Samir Jaura

Samir Jaura is a name to reccon with in Bollywood. Any top rated film requiring the star to have a fit body has Samir as the training head. From Farhan Akhatar in Bhaag Mikha to Priyanka Chopra Jonas in Mary Kom, Samir has trained them all. In this show, Samir decodes the secret weapon he used to train these actors and how one can acheive the same look at the comfort of their homes.

Fitness & beyond with Kitty Kalra

A celebrity fitness expert, health coach and motivator, Kitty Kalra takes you on an eclectic fitness journey of easy fitness routines, mantras and myths which can be fit into ones everyday rushed lifestyle, back to back travel commitments, office commitments and more.

Viren Barman

Supermodel, runner, fitness fanatic & nutritionist ! If it comes to body and balance Viren is the know it all. A 3 part unique series in which Viren teaches you how to eat right, how to workout right and how to breath right


Medical yoga show. From Arthritis and Stress, to Diabetes, Yogastra brings the wisdom and therapeutic value of the practice of Iyengar Yoga to the world. Taking inspiration from the Iyengar method of Yoga which employs the use of aiding tools, each of the 26 episodes addresses one medical condition or ailment that affects us in our busy lives where health is sometimes kept on the back-burner. This series presents a holistic and time-tested yoga method that relieves the stresses of our modern lifestyles and allows physical and spiritual well-being through yoga practice. The USP of this series is that it makes Yoga accessible to all.  

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Celebrity fitness

Fit & Famous celebrity Himanshu Malhotra challenges his friends from the industry to a fitness duel.  
  • Gym challenge with Pooja
  • Yoga challenge with Priya
  • Sports Fitness Challenge With Naman
  • Mixed Bag With Mohit
  • Fitness Challenge With Chitashri

Abs are made in the Kitchen

Dr Siddhanth Bhargava is a nutritionist with a cause. Funny, sensitive but a typical guy next door, he takes the viewers on a 6 days journey in his own house. Sunday funday meals to post/pre workout meals he shares the secrets to his awesome body in a funny yet educational series. 
In each episode he shares recipes of 2 of his favourite meals

DIY Ayurveda

The veritable treasure trove of ancient secrets of Ayurveda — that holds the key to some of the most natural secrets in health, beauty and well being of each one of us is at the heart of this series. What the show does is, decodes the 5000 year old mysteries and makes it DIY – Do It Yourself — something that one can figure out and practise in their own space.

Soul Kitchen

A one of a kind show where host Charu Shankar reinvents some of the world’s most popular and sought after food, with an ancient Indian method. It’s the Sattvic way of cooking, revealed in the classic texts of Ayurveda, as a diet which is light, healthy and life-giving. From Europe to Asia, Charu has traveled the world and bringing back these inspirations, in every episode she gives the Sattvic twist to dishes in her beautiful soul kitchen.

The Science of Spirituality Season 1

World over, it is common amongst various faiths to follow certain rituals, symbols and practices as they have a definite a spiritual significance. What is true is — that most of these have a scientific basis to it. All these practices and rituals, colors, shapes and symbols — otherwise considered spiritual also resonate with scientific logic and reason. The Science of Spirituality is a series just that — the Science behind all that is considered just purely spiritual.


Sufi musicians of the world speak about their music, their expereinces and render breathtaking performances in Sufi music.


This series celebrates Faith in a very unique way. The show visits some iconic places of worship in India to discover overriding faith amongst the devotees. Each of these places have an offering to the Divine in terms of food that is distributed to the people who throng these places. These are foods that heal, and are said to have the blessings of the Holy Spirit who is being worshipped. The most interesting part – each of these dishes have a fantastic legend to them, stories that have been carried down generations. The anchor, Braja Mohan delves into the spirituality of these places, gets a taste of the Divine Food, and tries to recreate the magic of the same food in his kitchen.