JOP Network: Get back to living

JOP Network is a homegrown high-quality content company in the fitness, health, kids & entertainment space, specializing in channel curation, distribution and syndication, currently offering a holistic programming mix across own channels in India and overseas as well as leading broadcast networks. Founded in 2014, a time when dedicated channels catering to the specific lifestyle needs of their audiences were limited, JOP looked to bridge this gap and provide content focused on fitness, health and recreation for viewers looking to put their personal well-being first.


Our mission is to be the foremost curator of holistic programing in fitness, Kids, health and entertainment, brought to viewers worldwide via JOP Owned channels and other leading broadcast networks.


Quality and research being the backbone of the company, JOP was among the first few to break away from the free-to-air model and in a strategic move brokered a partnership with DTH players.


Today, with over 25 million viewers across 30 countries, JOP produces and curates content for Indian and international markets distributed via own channels as well as leading global television networks like Discovery, FOX Traveler, Airtel DTH, Astro Malaysia, GAIA US and in-flight channels of Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa and Qatar Airways to name a few.